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TELC Assembly System

The efficient TELC (Temper Evident Luer-Lock Closure) Assembly System inserts hollow needle seals with preset pressure and indentation depth into the correctly positioned TELC-caps. Incorrectly positioned or bad parts are automatically transported back (respectively rejected) by special testing procedures. After assembling, a check for correct mounting and indentation depth of the seals follows.

Basic set-up:   Rotary indexing table with pneumatic units
Clean room standard:   ISO-Class 6 (1000)
Quality documents:   DQ/IQ/OQ
Documentation:   FAT + SAT
Control:   S7 / 300
Output:   3000 Pieces/hour
Technical availability:   > 95%

Gates control the output of good and test parts into bags

Feeding of TELCs and hollow needle seals

Position monitoring and bad part recognition by line-camera

Displaying the test camera’s picture on a TFT screen