We fulfil each customerís specific requirements in close coordination with the assigned transport company.

Trial Run

That which was previously accomplished virtually in comprehensive CAD studies must now be tested in reality. Your new system is put through its paces on site at Autec in a close to reality trial run. This reduces your time and costs involved in commissioning. We use sample parts provided by the customer to put the system to the test while it is still at our premises in order to ensure that all requirements set have been fulfilled.

On Site Assembly

After the trial run has been carried out by an assembly team the complete system is disassembled and then installed on location by the same team. No one knows your system better and no one else can start it up as quickly and reliably. We naturally set up and assemble all systems which we build. Our teams are present during and after commissioning at your site.

Training of Employees

If required we can train your machine operators in the handling of the system. The explanation of required maintenance activities is one of the most important parts. There is just one aim: the smooth continuous running of the new system.

After Sales Service - On Request Also Round the Clock

When we talk about repairs, maintenance and after sales service we do not just mean the supply of replacement parts. For full support with your Autec system we offer maintenance contracts at varied levels - up to complete service 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Service worldwide

Our delivery is world wide. For our customers in USA and Mexico, we established service points to guaranty a fast and reliable support on site.
Our service locations are in:

  • Queretaro, Mexiko
  • Norcross , USA