The think tank

We at Autec have set our sights high: to develop and create the best possible standardised innovative problem solutions for daily production automation. Factory Automation may be a distant goal for some, in the Autec Group it is a daily reality.

The benchmark of our activities is absolute customer focus, in addition to maximum flexibility and quality in both our systems and the products which you manufacture. In this way Autec ensures that you are best equipped to deal with the challenges of a globalised business world and an intercontinental delivery network.

The employees of Autec Group are not only excellently trained, they are also closely interlinked. All sectors are in direct communication with each other, the development, design, production, assembly and service departments collaborate with one other. Their technical expertise in Factory Automation, paired with their high motivation build the foundations of our success.

Present us with new challenges and see the abilities of our company for yourself. Visit us and we will show you „Automation live“.